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Here is a list of past and regular events in Ghana and especially in Assin Praso.

Emancipation Day

Immediate Emancipation The word ‘emancipation’ means to set someone free from the control of another person.
In Caribbean history emancipation (or freedom) from enslavement took place on 1st August 1838.

In 1998, Ghana for the first time invited the “dispersed children of Africa” to participate in the celebration of the Emancipitation Day. It is an annual event celebrated in Ghana. In our days, Ghana is officially a unitary presidential constitutional democracy (wikipedia). In Ghana, slave trading started in the 16th century. 1998 celebration of the Emancipation Day started in 1998 by of former President Jerry John Rawlings. August 1st is the period that Ghana celebrates Emancipation day. Strategic venues for the celebration in Ghana are the Cape Coast, Elmina, Accra, Keta, Akwamu, Bono Manso, Assin Praso and Assin Manso. more>>




  • Pan African Historical Theatre Project
  • cultural event dedicated to the enhancement of the ideals of Pan-Africanism and the development of the African continent

Joseph Project


  • for the diaspora

Go Green Day Project

We are hosting an event in Accra, Ghana for St Patrick's DAY (17th March). I would like some support in reaching out to the Ghanaian people, and Irish diaspora or ex-pats and Friends of Ireland and the environment. This event hopes to launch a regular Event/Parade in Accra for marking St Patrick's Day & “Go Green Day”.

Go Green Day Project is not only about celebrating a Saint but some common aspects which St.Patrick's own life and teachings. Go Green day is mainly about respect for the environment we live in. Go Green day is about Environmental Awareness.

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