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About Us

The mission of The Assin Foundation is to build a Heritage and cultural centre building in Assin Praso, central region, Ghana. This community building will house the Assin Museum and the office for ancestral research, Tourism information centre, hosting cultural events and managing festivals. The Foundation is to raise awareness of Ghana, attract tourism and development, especially for the Assin communities in the Central region of Ghana.

It is planned that the community building is of modern design incorporating a revolutionary energy saving conditioning systems which will include a potable water treatment system, not only for the building but also its local community providing fresh cool water. This project is in cooperation and support of OSiCi Ghana.

The Assin Foundation is a non governmental and not for profit community interest corporation, founded in 2016 by a team of local businessmen. It has a Board and committees.

....More about us

Our logo Logo is a simple design and we will soon redesign a new logo and brand to reflect our activities and mission. To see all other Logo versions, please reference the Logo page.


1) annual Events
2) annual Emancipation day
3) annual street carnival

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