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 //NOTE: follow areas require permission or user account// //NOTE: follow areas require permission or user account//
-Refer to [[home:​VariousNotes|Various Notes]] of comments, ​    ​[[home:​variousnotes:​todo:​questions_and_requests| Questions & Requests]], ​   [[home:​variousnotes:​todo:​list_of_suggestions| suggestions]] or [[home:​variousnotes:​todo:​schedule|reminders]]. Do not clutter with comments. Please keep organised and assign or delete notes where appropriate. 
-Refer to TODO to add items to TASKs that need doing. 
 ===== Social Media Channels ===== ===== Social Media Channels =====
 Goto [[home|The Assin Foundation Wiki portal]]\\ Goto [[home|The Assin Foundation Wiki portal]]\\
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