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The Assin Foundation is non for profit [NFP], non governmental [NGO] social enterprise. The Assin communities benefit but the building of the Assin heritage foundation and the associated annual events throughout the year for the wider audience. The Assin Foundation help to promote cultural and heritage of the region of Ghana and links to its diaspora.

Creating and hosting events, the management and a building of the heritage centre and museum takes a lot of time and resources of both volunteers and employees. If you use like to visit us either online or in person, please consider donating through Paypal or Patreon using the following links:

  • One-Time Donation via Paypal
  • Recurring Donation via Patreon

Many thanks to all donors!

If you need an invoice for your donation contact me via email. If you want to donate via bank transfer contact me for account details as well. . You might be interested in buying Assin Merchandise like Bracelets, furniture, t-shirts or cups. all hand made in Ghana. You can also flattr The Assin Foundation.

Send comments to Marketing dept email

Donations via Bitcoin

Donations may also be sent via Bitcoin to the following address: {add Bitcoin address} ADD QR CODE

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